Margins Of Safety

Margins of Safety

Contract Quality
  • Master Leases 94% of the time
  • Investments average 79% of replacement cost
  • Investment yields above NAV auction yields

Portfolio metrics
as of 9/30/2022

Financial Strength
  • High contract lease escalations
  • AAA/A+ secured borrowing capability
  • Multiple investment-grade borrowing options; Baa2 by Moody’s, BBB by S&P and Fitch Ratings
  • Conservative leverage and flexible balance sheet
Portfolio Monitoring
  • Virtually all tenants provide financial statements
  • 99% property-level financial statements
  • Every investment independently appraised
  • ~15% annual physical portfolio inspection

Portfolio metrics
as of 9/30/22

Portfolio Characteristics
  • Unparalleled direct investment origination platform, with 96% of our contracts prepared by us and approximately 80% of our customer relationships directly solicited
  • 3,035 profit-center properties leased to 579 tenants, across 49 states and 125 industries
  • A top exposure of less than 3% of rent and interest income, with top ten tenants at approximately 17.5%; 98% of our customers individually represent less than 1% of base rent and interest
  • Seasoned tenants - ~50% of customers have annual revenues over $200 million and the weighted average revenues of our customers is approximately $1.2 billion

Portfolio metrics
as of 9/30/22

Organizational Structure
  • Credit and closing silos
  • Management and Board Investment Committees