Governance Documents


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Board Executive Sessions
The non-management members of the Board of Directors meet in regularly scheduled executive sessions without management present. Additionally, our independent directors meet in executive session at least once a year. Mort Fleischer, the Chairman of our Board of Directors, acts as the presiding director at all of these executive sessions.

Contacting the Board of Directors
Stockholders and other interested parties who desire to contact our Board of Directors, a particular Board committee, a particular group of directors (e.g., our non-management directors or our independent directors), or individual members of the Board, including our Chairman (the presiding director), may do so electronically by e-mail at, or by mail addressed to the named individual, the committee, the group, or the Board as a whole c/o STORE’s Corporate Secretary, at STORE Capital Corporation, 8377 E. Hartford Drive, Suite 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. Our Corporate Secretary receives these communications and forwards them to the intended individual, committee, or group or to the full Board, as applicable, and facilitates an appropriate response. Please note that requests for investor relations materials should be sent to