Income Statement

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 2013 Y2014 Y2015 Y2016 Y2017 Q2 YTD
Source Document12/31/201512/31/201612/31/201612/31/20166/30/2017
(in thousands)     
Rental revenues 103,398181,972270,780356,081210,054
Interest income on loans and direct financing receivables 5,0448,06913,86119,67711,227
Other income 462400121585898
Total revenues 108,904190,441284,762376,343222,179
Interest 39,18067,95981,782105,18060,559
Transaction costs 2,6432,8041,1565230
Property costs 1274731,5154,0671,937
General and administrative 14,13219,49427,97233,97219,532
Selling stockholder costs NA008000
Depreciation and amortization 30,34957,02588,615119,61872,611
Provision for impairment of real estate 001,0001,7204,270
Total expenses 86,431147,755202,040265,880158,909
Income from operations before income taxes 22,47342,68682,722110,46363,270
Income tax expense 155180274358253
Income from continuing operations 22,31842,50682,448110,105NA
Income from discontinued operations 3,9951,14000NA
Income before gain on dispositions of real estate 26,31343,64682,448110,10563,017
Gain on dispositions of real estate 04,4931,32213,22029,433
Net income 26,31348,13983,770123,32592,450
Net income per share of common stock-basic and diluted 
Continuing operations 0.440.590.680.82NA
Discontinued operations 0.080.0100NA
Net income per share of common stock-basic and diluted 0.520.610.680.820.55
Weighted average common shares outstanding 
Basic 49,893,66778,454,599122,180,650148,878,504166,768,835
Diluted 49,893,66778,454,599122,207,505149,124,010166,768,835
Dividends declared per common share NANANANA0.58
Comprehensive Income 
Net income 26,31348,13983,770123,32592,450
Other comprehensive (loss) income 
Unrealized losses on cash flow hedges 414(457)(333)876(362)
Cash flow hedge losses reclassified to interest expense 319319306826427
Total other comprehensive (loss) income 733(138)(27)1,70265
Total comprehensive income 27,04648,00183,743125,02792,515

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